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  • May 22  Merrillville,Indiana - Star Plaza Theater
  • May 23  Merrillville,Indiana - Star Plaza Theater

  • May 25th: Hannover, Germany - Capitol
  • May 26th: Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli
  • May 27th: Bergen, Norway - Natt Jazz Festival
  • May 28th: Oslo, Norway - Head On
  • May 30th: Moers,Germany - Int'l Jazz Festival Moers
  • May 31st: London, England - Forum
  • June 1st: Amsterdam, Netherlands - Zaadam
  • June 2nd: Prague, Chechoslavakia - Handall Hall Siavie
  • June 3rd: Recensburg, Germany - Strenenzelt
  • June 4th: Oslip, Austria - Cselley Muehle
  • June 5th: Amiens, France - Jazz Festival
  • June 6th: Vittry, France - Festival Jeunese
  • USA

  • June 7th: New York, New York - The Hudson Tent
  • June19 - Kansas City, Mo - Barney Ales Plaza
  • June 24 - Chicago, Il - House of Blues
  • June 25 - Lexington Ky - AIA Riptide Theatre
  • June 26 - Detroit, Mi - Masonic Temple
  • July 12 - Roanoke, Va - WJJS (Tent)
  • July 17 - Philadelphia, Pa - Robin Hood Dell
  • July 18 - Rochester, NY - Brown Square Park
  • July 20 - Brooklyn, NY - Wingate Field
  • July 21 - Westbury, NY - Westbury Music Fair
  • July 23 - Nantucket Island, Ma - The Muse
  • July 25 - NYC, NY - The Apollo Theatre
  • p
    photo by gina hall

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    On 4/20 in University Park, Pa, at a club called PLAYERS, George Clinton, Billy Bass and his wife Joy, Garry Shider, Michael Hampton, Gregg Thomas,Steve Boyd,Randy Skinner,Boogie Mosson, Carlos (Sir Nose)McMurry, Ronald Stozo Edwards and Clip Payne were all present for an after show party that FunK Kin was headlining. My sources tell me that After doing an excellent show at the University they tore it up at the club. The P Funk Party Dont Stop.

    Garry Shider and Frankie Waddie will NOT be with The P Funk Allstars for a few months. They will be on the road with Bootsy's
    Rubber Band along with Gary Mudbone Cooper and Bernie Worrel
    GEORGE CLINTON #1 X RATED Is Not authorized by George Clinton. It has no original video content. It has clips of already seen GC videos mixed with xxx material. It is set to Everybody Gets Funked Up, Ain't Nothin'but a Jam and One Nation. If you are expecting to view something that is tastefully done This video isn't it. Don't waste your money.
    If you happen to be in Tallahassee Fl. check out George Clinton's Art exhibit at the Tallahassee Airport. Save all those autographs you may have received from George with dogs on them. Those little woof woofs are getting more valuable all the time.
    There is a gallery showing of GC's paintings in Laguna Beach, Ca. on June 12

    At the 930 Club in Washington DC Clip Payne returned to the bands Line Up and GC and the P funk's horns were joined by alumni Greg Boyer
    Greg is very busy these days, He is going to Europe w/ Maceo from June 2-16th and he is playing with a band called the Clones in the Annapolis/DC area. A quote from Greg:
    "I had a ball playing some "no strings attached" funk. They're prime for the big time"
    Both Garry Shider and GC have also given the Clones excellent reviews. According to Garry "They play some of our songs better than we do"

    George Clinton and the P Funk Allstars/Parliament/Funkadelic were selected as #99 in the Top 100 Influential Artists in a VH1 Survey.
    "To be Underground and to be so popular as to be #99 is a Paradox"
    george clinton

    Fuzzy, Grady, Calvin and Ray, the original P.s just finished an album It should be out real soon. The name is F.G.C.R. (westbound records and tapes) they are suppose to start rehersal in April, in Atanta, Ga. for six to eight weeks. Then The summer tour will begin .

    The following is a direct quote from GC
    "Soon you will be able to pick whatever songs you want for your Personal selections from samples of all the upcoming new songs and old songs. Literally select your own album cuts for .99 cents a piece and for a small extra fee you can get what would have been the cover if it had been a disc"
    Gary'Mudbone'Cooper is keeping very busy these days. He is working with Europe's Grand Slam, Finishing four songs on his Funky JuJu project Mudbone and the Medicine and getting ready to begin an Asian/European tour with Bootsy's Rubber Band. The tour begins May 20th.
    When the P Funk Allstars were playing in Mudbone's new home base, Paris last month, Michael Hampton and Blackbyrd McKnight joined Muddy in the studio and added their Funk to the JuJu.
    A compliation album is in Mudbones near future which will include music from all of the above mentioned groups and also some unreleased work that he did with Garry Shider a few years ago as Garry and Gary.
    Shonda Clinton - Daddy's Little Girl is
    a/k/a  Shonda 'SATIVA' Clinton.
    The P Funk Guitar Army - Look for at least eight guitars in the Front Line of P-Funk Musicians They will invade and occupy with a 'Funkadelic' attack in 1998.

    While playing three sold out shows George found the stamina and inspiration to spend five nights at San Francisco's Hyde Street Studio. These sessions included the talented Garry Shider, Blackbyrd McKnight,
    Skeet Curtis, Ron Wright, Razor Sharp, Paul Hill and The fabulous Belita Woods.  
    George and these P-Funk Allstars along with engineer Matt Kelly, recorded two songs, One was a sassy NUTHIN FROM NUTHIN (Billy Preston) and the other is HUMPTY DUMPTY which will be the next Single to be released..Humpty Dumpty has everything it takes to become a Chart Topping Hit!!

     Look for George Clinton Art coming to a Gallery near you.
    There is a gallery showing of GC's paintings in Laguna Beach, Ca. on June 12

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  • George Clinton is happy about the Birth of his new Grandson. On Feb.23, 1998, his son
    Tracy and his wife Hazel had a Beautiful baby boy. This is #9 for TreyLewd.

    April'98 - Private Party @ the DRINK in Las Vegas, Nv

    photo by Lynka Adams
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